Monday, March 20, 2006

Secret to success

I have no idea, so instead look at these character designs for one of our television projects called Roboyo.


mauricio salmon said...

nice designs!

S. Stephani Soejono said...

Hey Kate, Hey Ricardo!

It's me Steph your student from fundies Kate. Nice to see you and House of Cool join the blogging bandwagon!!

Lovely art works and thanks for sharing the knowledge!I'm looking forward to your fuure projects

the doodlers said...

Interesting kid, Mom, Dad designs. Euro Japanese-ish influence yet.. unique! Love to see more.

We'll add you to our links if you don't mind...

From a photo on an earlier post, it looks like Adam Beck is at House of Cool. Hi Adam, from Arna and John!

Stefano D. said...
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Stefano D. said...

Hmmm---what are the secrets to success?
Seven Simple Secrets:

(4)Immunity to Procrastination.
(5)Always have breath mints, Immodium, & Gravol close by.
(6)Always carry a pen.

Oh, and it also helps to never eat a bag of dried prunes before a big meeting with clients (refer to secret #5).