Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Christmas Card

Next year I propose a Christmas card where I'm featured more prominently. Fans of my face may have noticed it's conspicuous absence from this years House of Cool Christmas card. I am currently representing House of Cool interests south of the border, and I worry I have been excommunicated by my Canadian collegues. You will be happy to know that I still cheer for the Maple Leafs & Canucks, despise baseball, crave Tim Hortons, and use the word "eh?" at the end of every sentence.

House of the Cool is the greatest place I've ever worked in my life, but don't think I won't burn the mother down if I'm left off next years Christmas card! (actually I really just want to be represented in any drawing by the amazing Robin Joseph...Easter's coming up...maybe me as a rabbit?)

Miss you guys!



Monkeyfeather said...

The Canucks? Really? If you had said Flames, maybe I would have lobbied for you. Not that my opinion matters.

norm said...

Brunk Dubious!

I think Tiger Jeet didn't put you in the Christmas Card because now that he has actual "kills" in Call of Duty, Mister Jeet thinks he can get away with whatever he wants! His head is getting too big!

I challenge you to a sniping duel, Jeet! DeathTrap, no less!


orange said... i am so sorry about the card...will a really late apology be worth anything..i am so sorry.really.

miss you too cal. Man, i still die the most on callofduty..i seriously suck at that game..see my strategy is to point in a direction and shoot as much ammo as i can..if i get lucky someone crosses the much for strategy.

as for norm's challenge..i'm scared lenorm
hope you'r doing good cal

Mr. W said...

Brunks got junk in the trunk! That's my rappin' for today. Had dinner with Sarah Wilby and Katie Dopp... Wilbs is getting married and says' wut up! She works a block away from us. Keep kickin' it in the US! I told Tiger Jeet to add you in but he was adament about leaving you out... you should kick his ass!