Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Getting it Done

I want to include an image for every entry. This one is from El Dorado by my beautiful and talented wife, Kate. Check out her website.

I hope that I don't sound too preachy with these life lessons I've learned being in the industry so far but I think that this blog is more than just pretty pictures, so here I go again.

Getting things done is to me as important, if not more important than raw talent. How many artist do you know who can draw circles around you? They draw on every random scrap of paper and every doodle deserves to be in a museum but for some reason they are no more successful than you are. In fact they spend most of their day telling you about how crap the industry is and every night smoking a joint. Then on the other hand, someone who has very little artistic talent: you turn on the TV and they are accepting a best picture Academy award. The reason for this is these people know how to get things done. The best picture Academy award is given to the producer because producers are the best at getting things done. If I were to ask most artists to tell me an idea that they had for a movie, short film, television series or even a poster, they would be able to give me half a dozen good ideas off the top of their heads. If I were to ask the same artists if they had done anything to bring these projects to life like writing a treatment or assembling a development team or create some development artwork, most would say that they had some unfinished pieces. The problems is if you don't finish something no one will ever care.

Well, that did sound awfully preachy.

Here are some of my friends who are good at getting things done. Sanjay Patel, the creater of Little India. Alex Puvilland and Leuyen Pham, happily married in art. Mark Andrews and Louis Gonzales, sketchers supreme.


Nick Sung said...

well, that's very true.
awesome you guys have started a blog--
i'm going to enjoy following this one.

Chickengirl said...

Couldn't agree more. Fantastic work. Now I better get back to work...

OV! said...


this is sweet man, glad you have a blog up. ill check in day to day. but only after i get my crap done.


Cory Wilson said...

Go tell it on the mountain Brother Curtis!

Miras said...

Great pics in your wife's portfolio! And you have nothing to be ashamed of!
Real pleasure to browse through!