Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Hiring Practices

Kate's layout for Road to El Dorado.

At HoC I don't hire only based on talent. I want people who believe in the company as much as they love doing the work. Of course there is a certain level of talent required to work here, but I also want artists who have personalities which are compatible with me and the other artists at the studio. It only takes one bad artist to sour the pot. In general I prefer young talent because they are not yet jaded by the animation industry. I like the fresh ideas they bring to the studio. In return (other than a pay cheque) I try to provide the artist the best working conditions in the industry. I want my people to look forward to working every day as well as feel that their efforts are building something greater than just a business venture. So far my hiring practices have worked. As the studio grows I hope to continue using this technique to build apon the team that I have.