Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Incredibles

In the summer of 2004 John Walker, the producer of The Incredibles, asked me to pencil the four issue comic book for Dark Horse Comics. I had already worked with Brad Bird on The Incredibles and The Iron Giant so he was familiar with my drawing ability.

I always liked to see the original pencils of the comic book pages so I'm showing some pencils for the covers and pages.My wife Kate painted the covers for all four issues and a friend from college, Ramon Perez, inked. I have to mention that working for Dave Land from Dark Horse was a pleasure.
I had a hard time drawing this book because I had to stay somewhat on model when drawing these characters and this is not my normal drawing style. Tony Fucile designed many of the characters on The Incredibles and his work is brilliant but very difficult to draw consistently. I did my best but next time I do a comic I want it to be in my own style.This picture is promotional photo I had done for an interview. My brother-in-law David Moo King from mooishi took the picture. David and is business partner Bryan Ishiguro are two of the hottest fashion photographers in the nation. Definitely check out their stuff if you are into beautiful images.


martin wittig said...

Great Blog, and Awesome Artwork! I'm definitely comming back for more!

OV! said...

yeah man! good job on the comic, although these pencils you posted are a little washed out, hard to see.

Curt said...

I attended Seneca@York with David and Bryan a few years ago. Although I was not in their group, I was aware of their work which was given a lot of exposure (no pun intended) around the school. It's no wonder they're in such high demand these days.

Your artwork is amazing and I wish you the best of luck in the future!

disa said...