Sunday, December 30, 2007


They (BLEEP) like rabbits.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy Holidays

There's something to be said about a "studio growing up." The unified vision to produce something cool that will hopefully entertain many. We've had an incredible year of growing with new faces at HoC, trying out new ventures, and becoming a family that rely on one another. As any person who dreams of starting something fresh, I don't think RC and I could have ever imagined something as good as this... And this is just the beginning. We thank everyone who have supported HoC and wish nothing but the best to you and yours over the Holiday Season and in the upcoming year. We all know that if it wasn't for our clients, our friends and our family... our work/life/balance philosophy wouldn't be possible. I also wanted to personally thank everyone at House of Cool for seeing the Bigger Dream and joining us in our quest for achievement. I love you guys.


This year has been the most successful year for HoC but how to we define success. Did we make more money? Yes, a lot more than our previous three years combined. Have we grown? Yes, we were 8 last year and we are now 25 and our client list is longer and more impressive than ever. Have we increased our profile in the marketplace? Yes, our success at Mipcom and the respect that we now have from industry people around the world has put HoC's brand in a happy place. These things alone make me very proud and if we were a typical business it would be enough. The thing is it's not enough for me or I expect, anyone else at the studio. Our goal is to create great content and build the best studio culture. I will be completely happy when we are in total control of our destiny. When we can pitch, develop and produce what we want. When we've decided what is 'cool' and we have the ability to make it happen. Lofty goals but well worth reaching for.

We've come a long way. This is the journal of a studio growing up and I believe that we have now moved from crawling to taking our first steps. Thanks to everyone at HoC, our clients and families for making this years such a great success. Can't wait for next year.


Friday, December 07, 2007

HoC moustache contest

Today was a big day in the history of House of Cool; the finale of the HoC Moustache contest. After 4 weeks of grueling, itchy facial hair growth the manly men of the studio strutted their stuff, (literally) to win votes from the distinguished panel of judges, (thanks Katie, Christina and Alex). Many titles were handed out but in the end Saud stole the show after working the catwalk like seasoned pro. Perhaps there are some things we don't yet know about him?

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Random sketchiness.