Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The First One

Welcome to the first blog of House of Cool. I thought that I might try something a little different and instead of telling people about my studio I'm going to let people experience the day to day operations through this blog. Expect to see posts from the House of Cool team along with pictures, development artwork, production artwork, storyboards, animatics and doodles. Of course we work on a lot of 'in production' stuff that we can't show or really talk about but I think that the work we do show will be of interest to anyone who would like see what running a small animation/film studio is all about.

To start the ball rolling, here are some images of the studio. It is located in the heart of downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We occupy three floors of a beautiful one hundred year old historical brownstone. When I was initially looking for studio space two years ago I saw a lot of office buildings that would do the job but lacked the feeling of creativity that any good studio should have. I fell in love with this space as soon as I saw it so I signed a long expensive lease to secure it. In retrospect I moved prematurely but I truly believed in what I was doing.