Monday, March 13, 2006

"H" to the "O" to da' "C"

This is Wes and I am the only non-artist to date at House of Cool (HoC)-- hence no drawing but instead a picture of me driving over what I think is a skunk or some other smelly rodent.

I'm involved in the business end with Ricki-C... It's always amazing how many different hats you have to wear when running any business, let alone a creative business such as this one. At times you have to be an accountant, the next, a marketing extraordinaire, a minute afterward, you're a contract negotiator and somehow a tax credit specialist at the same time. Finally, "poof!" You are now back to being a finely tuned artist... My hats off to Ricardo in cutting his Afro to fit all his hats.

Being surrounded by "creatives" is quite infectious; life is easier to live when you are laughing all the time. The HoC peeps certainly want to make the world laugh. Its been great to be a by-stander and sometimes the butt-end of the comedic daily jokes that happen here at HoC... most of them to dirty to mention.

Time will tell where the future will take us but what time has already given us is many memorable moments.

Mr. W


norm said...

Yo Wes! Huuuuuge picture! I like!

Keep on rockin'!

Matthew said...

Sing it out loud weszzzllllllllyyyyyyy

Man of the House said...

Maybe if we had some more dedicated non artists life would be easier at HoC (and fatter pockets).

moocurtis said...

I've realized that love for the artform is not enough, one has to run a studio like any other high-risk business...we appreciate all the hats that you wear, Wes!

Stefano D. said...

Sounds like you work with a great team. It actually makes you look forward to coming in to work doesn't it? I'm glad that the [HoC] is open to the idea of non-artists working amoung them. We've killed all our non-artists. Now we don't make money---but we keep drawing and hope that things will change.
I wish the [HoC] lots of luck & success.

By the way---I think that was my pet skunk you ran over Wes. Uh---you owe me a new skunk. Seriously dude, I want a skunk.