Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One Man's Sushi....

You've gotta be crazy or on drugs to like Sushi. Rice, seaweed, avocado and RAW FISH? No thank you. Sure it looks exotic and it makes you feel sophisticated to say you eat it, but unless you're drowning it in hot sauce or dip of your choice, it still tastes like you drank Nemo's tank water.

I understand that sushi (or sashimi) is mostly a social dish here in North America, something that makes you look cool ordering in front of your friends, but come on! RAW FISH! I'm sure your friends would appreciate you just as much if you ordered a nice juicy hamburger. What the HELL, go for the smoked salmon if you fancy the fish.

All I'm saying is that I've tried it and did not like it. But if you like it, THAT'S YOUR PERSONAL OPINION AND I WONT PENALIZE YOU FOR IT. So go ahead and enjoy your raw fish, you look cool eating it, but sense of taste you have zero.

Oh by the way, Hellboy's at a consistent 88% on rottentomatoes.com. Now that's fresh!

**** TO CLARIFY: I made this post to illustrate how absurd it is to insult someone based on their personal opinion. Just because you don't share the same opinion on a particular Japanese dish or a 'Hell of a good movie' as that other person, doesn't mean it's a bad opinion......just different. I apologize to all of those raw fish out there--not the eaters of raw fish, just the fish themselves.******

The opinions expressed here (especially in this particular post) is that of the author and not necessarily that of the studio (particularly when it concerns large and powerfully clients that we wish to continue to do business with).

The Management

first and last pages.

Ive had a great time working on this story... . Good luck to everyone putting in those extra hours, it will all be worth it!

Big thanks to Robin for "rallying the troops"


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dungeon Crawl...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hey check it out!
I am posting this pic that Terri Sajecki did for an Avatar the Last Airbender contest.
Terri is one of the great interns that we have here at House of Cool, helping us out on storyboards for the Bob and Doug show.
I believe this pic was done in two days (on top of the work she does for us here) and she was up until 6am this morning to complete it!!!!!!
Great stuff Terri, keep it up!!!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hell of a good movie

Now that's good movie making. I love leaving a movie theater feeling satisfied in every which way. No "if only they had done this", or "it would have been better if they had done that". The Golden Army hit all the right beats. It was thoroughly entertaining from start to finish. Action, Comedy, a splash of Romance. money and time well spent.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

An idea I'm working on called "I hate you"

Friday, July 04, 2008

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

We're Hiring!

House of Cool has started production on a 22-minute pilot for a new flash show. It's a very cool project, and we’re looking for some additional talented artists to join the HoC team.

Flash Animators (2)
- Production Experience Necessary
- Experience in Breaking / Character Setup an asset
- Flash demo (online)
- Strong drawing skills (online portfolio required)

Character Designers (2)
- Experience With Flash
- Strong drawing skills (online portfolio required)

Layout Artists / Background Painters (3)
- Strong drawing / painting skills
- Layout portfolio, backgrounds in different styles (online portfolio required)

- Proficient in Apple Shake
- Experienced in 2D camera work
- Compositing reel (online portfolio required)

Please send portfolios and demos to bob@houseofcoolstudios.com