Saturday, March 04, 2006


Two years ago I decided that House of Cool was going to make a short film. I had been itching to make another film since college and I had an I idea about the state of the world that I wanted to put on film. I used the United Nations as a metaphor for these giant creatures who only had eyes on the tops of their heads so they couldn't see the tiny creatures they were stepping on. This film was going to be our grand entrance into the world of independent film production. We applied for a grant from Bravo!FACT that we were awarded but the catch was you didn't get any money until the film was completed.
I decided to do it as a 2D/3D mix. Of course we had no experience in CG production so we made every mistake possible. We choose to use Cinema 4D then we switched to Maya then used a mix between the two. The budget grew far beyond the grant amount, while the timelines were pushed passed the original four months.
These are two images from the film. The first one was a development piece that my wife Kate did and the second image is a frame from the actual film.

It took almost a year to finish the six minute film. It was shown on the Bravo! channel on Feb/05. I'm about 80% happy with the final project but 100% with the experience. The film can be viewed at . I developed a new appreciation for the process of getting something like this done. House of Cool will make another short film at some point but because of Bliss we will be much more prepared.

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