Monday, May 01, 2006


Hello all...i know it is a bit late to do a write up about myself. My name is robin joseph, and i've been with houseofcool since June 2005 as a characterdesigner/vis-dev artist. I've been very fortunate to have worked on some great projects in the short span of time i was here. I get to work on Hoc's inhouse content for both feature and tv shows. Ocassionally the lovely folks at the studio call me Tigerjeet or 'tiger' or plainly just 'Jeet'. Just to clarify, even though the name suggests a mean, violent and potentinally threatening fighting machine..i have to reassure one and all that i am extremely passive and slow. i still hold on to fond memories of getting beaten up by kids half my size back in school. AHHHH

..But i have been managing to get some kills recently on CallOfDuty..mebbe some day i'll hold up to the name of Tigerjeet..SOMEDAY..Cheers all


mauricio salmon said...

nice drawing man, you guys rock as a studio,

justin said...

Go Tiger, go!
Great drawings by the way. Love the bear's expressions.

Al Johnson said...

I love the combination of wash and line work. Great stuff.