Wednesday, May 31, 2006


This is a piece we did for a Schoolhouse Rock type project.

HoC has an agent. We have used other types of representation before that have not been very successful and expensive. Because HoC is located in Toronto we need proper representation in Hollywood, since much of the type of work that we do is located there. This is what a good agent will do for you.

Meetings with potential clients:
This might seem obvious, but some agents may only get you in the doors of the places you don't want to get to.

Close the deal:
They will negotiate the best deal for you. If they don't, you need another agent.

Give you advice:
A good agent should have the pulse of the industry. If they see an opportunity they will let you know immediately.

An agent will have other clients that may be complementary to your needs.

Things to look out for in an agent is anyone who charges a retainer. This is basically a fee for the privilege of having them represent you. You should find an agent who charges commission without a retainer. This means that they only get paid if they make you money. Make sure that you get along with your agent, because if you get into a dispute with them, they are much better at screwing you than you would be at hurting them.


Scott Wright said...

As always great advise. Love your blog. Keep up the great work.

And again great seeing you this weekend Ric.

Mr. W said...

Wicked write up... are you getting my emails today?

Anonymous said...

your house is very cool. :)

the doodlers said...

Sounds right. Sounds good. Often we're just busy working and we don't get out and do that legwork to advance those contacts...
That's a quirky character setup too!

S. Stephani Soejono said...

Perhaps it's obvious to the pros out there but seriously, aside from reading the fine print of the contract how would you know if you get a good agent? Just curious.

Bicos de pés said...

congratulations your drawings are amazing, for quite something i´m following your blog is great to see so much qualaty drawing.

Tomás Ives said...