Saturday, May 06, 2006

This is a version of a sketch I did of Norm the other day, but he said I made him too fat. So this is the Jenny Craig Norm. But in real life hes probably a bit more hairy. (us Canadians have to adapt to the winter somehow.)You should see some of the women up here!

Anyway, Norm always has something new to show me in his big bag 'o' tricks, and this is him calling me over to see what else he has discovered.


Cory Wilson said...

So what was the trick? Don't leave us hanging.

cutesypoo said...

i just stumbled in your blog and love your stuff!
What a great workplace too!!

steve said...

Let out the House of Cool secrets? Doing that will get me shot. You've seen Ric when he gets angry...hes vicious!! I think I said too much already.