Friday, May 04, 2012

Family Time at House of Cool

We all know how the weeks fly by and the projects pile on. We loose touch and work too hard. Even when working in the same building we can forget about the importance of being a family. Fridays better known as "Beer Fridays" have now been re-named as "Family Time Fridays".

Thank you to our gracious host and hostess, Rodrigo & Kim, who brought us together with Cheese, Wine and Patte. Everyone was "forced" to take 10mins today and catch up with each other and talk about the origins of cheese, how wine is hardly a substitute for beer, play a few rounds of ping pong (Even though the broken elevator has given us all of our exercise for the day), and discuss the video of the hungry lion at the zoo. The Reluctant Jason was even happy to grab a few crackers and slab on some creamy Brie and join in on the not so "manly" event.

Don't forget about your "work" family, they're the ones who listen to your stories about your "home" family and show you the latest videos on you tube!

Our hostess Kim!
 Everyone digging in!

 The Cheese is a hit!

 Yup that says "Duck, Pork, and Pistachio" patte........ Yum!


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