Friday, May 18, 2012

Employee of the Week

Today's employee of the week is Vivian Ho! Our accountant extraordinaire! She keeps everything running smoothly.  Besides counting the beans and cutting the chqs Vivan  has a love for plants! Most of the greenery in the office was donated from her green thumb. Without her our plants would be nothing more then brown dead leaves on the floor. So thank you Vivan for getting us paid, keeping our plants green and always having a smile on your face!


Vivian said...

Thank you! Thank you! (Bowing)
It is fun to count the beans for you guys, especially doing it with Ann. By the way, the chopsticks are our garden tools. We will make Wes to buy better garden equipment in the future.

Ann said...

I LOVE our Vivian, with all the beautiful plants that she cares for everyday, her hilarious analogies, her very wise yet funny wisdom, she makes HoC a wonderful place to come to work! Thanks Viv
xo Ann

Mr. W said...

She deserves IT! nice work Vivian, We'd be lost without you!