Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Avengers Have You Seen It

Well all the way up here at the front of the studio it seems pretty quiet, and really the rain has been the only eventful part of my day. I have decided to write today's blog about the "Avengers"!! Yeah!!! (I am sure there are things going on in the back but that's a far walk for a Wednesday)

Pretty much if you haven't seen it you definitely need to even if you are not the comic book type. A great cast, excellent writing and tons of action sums up a recipe for something very entertaining. 

The only thing I didn't enjoy was watching the movie with glasses on that makes things look semi-cooler. I am an asian which = no nose bridge to wear those ridiculous plastic glasses.

If you do go in the next week AVX is the way to go, no line ups and reserved seating is awesome. If not I would opt to see it minus 3D. After watching Avatar all other 3D movies seem a little bit under the bar. If your girlfriend is not convinced just remind her that Chris Evans plays Captain America, who doesn't like hunky men in blue tights running around?

 - Shara Kim

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