Sunday, January 07, 2007

While they sleep, we are working…

They say the first three years of running a business is always the toughest. If you can stomach the marginal highs and the “can we keep the lights on” lows, the moment an opportunity arises to do something great… I’m sure anyone at HoC will tell you, “its all worth it.” We had to do what any other business has to endure: keep innovating to be the best that we can in our field, instill trust in our clients that we will do the job better then anyone else, and develop a culture and freedom in which a team can thrive in.

Achieving any one of these can be a daunting task but what makes everything possible; what makes everything worth it… House of Cool has great people who simply want to do great things. Our foundation is built on developing the skills of exceptional artists and providing an opportunity to showcase all of our work… together. We’ve got amazing HoC “veterans” like Normand Lemay, Cal Brunker, Robin Joseph and, of course, Ricki-C. And with the thanks to our clients, we now have an opportunity to expand our team to continue innovating, creating, and expanding our horizons.

I think the best way to describe the studio right now is, “while they sleep, we are working.” The new year has brought some exciting projects and with a little “sweat equity,” I’m sure it’ll be “all worth it.”

Thanks to everyone at HoC (old and new) for pullin’ up the sleeves and grinding it out.


Man of the House said...

Huzzah! I couldn't agree more with Wes. Big wet kisses to every one who believed in the House and to Wes for holding down the fort while I've been gone.

Ale said...

supernice and interesting blog!
good luck guys ;)

moocurtis said...


Thanks for being the morale booster at the studio!