Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Chiefs and Chefs

They say that the hardest intangible quality for a company to keep is its culture; the ability to instill in a team a level of intensity and work ethic matched by none other. Culture is probably our greatest strength at HoC – We make no quo’s about where we are going, how we are going to get there and what’s in it for all of us. I believe knowing these big picture questions gives everyone at HoC a stake not just to be the best creative they can be but to contribute and add to the dynamics that make House of Cool... well, House of Cool. In the small time that our team has been working together it’s clear that “too many Chiefs and not enough Indians,” don’t apply here. We are not “too many Chefs and not enough Cooks” but rather “many Chefs who really love to cook.” And while sometimes it feels we need to cook a lot, it'll all make us better Chefs in the end =)
Culture is solving “real” problems and coming up with innovative ways to not only personally develop but expand as a whole, team, and unit.
I’m sure Ricki C would agree… together we’ll have a lot to offer and this is only the beginning.

Philosophy 101 done.
Can’t doodle so here’s some pic’s from my crib: Summer vs. Winter - Bring back patio season!


moocurtis said...

Well said, Wes, this is one of my favorite posts. You said it all!


Man of the House said...

Well said, Wes. I've work a many studios and "culture" is a word that get thrown around a lot but rarely ever realized. What is the secret? A part of it is giving the people who work at the studio real power to mold what type of studio they want to work for.


Lubomir said...

Well said good chef.

Shawn said...

Awwww, when I saw this post I wanted to saw "well said" but I can't now can I? Thanks guys.

Said well Wes, said well indeed.

Dimos said...

I got it! You love the culture club right!?


Karma-Karma-Karma-Karma-Karma-Chameleon!!!! We coma and goooooo!

OK I had to add humour! Way too serious....You're right though!


P.S. Wow ! got lots of catching up to do on this blog!