Sunday, September 17, 2006

Music Video Pitch

Here are a couple of boards I did for a music video pitch (for Rob Szabo's "Family and Friends")

It's a live action video about a guy who hitch hikes across country to go to his sisters shotgun wedding. She's 8 months pregnant and marrying a burly biker guy he can't stand.

Now lets hope we get some cash and we can shoot it!


norm said...

Cool stuff Cal!

Can I play the burly biker guy? I'll take off my glasses if that what it takes...


orange said...

very cool cal...goodluck with the video shoot.

Mr. W said...

I luv' Cal... in that artist is cool kind of way. Don't get too into live action on us! =)

Cal said...

Don't worry Mr. W. I won't stray to far from the nest.

Just an effort to get something good done quickly (at least relative to animation timelines).