Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Boards to Fill

House of Cool is looking for talent! If you're good, I mean really good, we want to see your work.

Thanks to readers and artists like you spreading the good word of our studio services, House of Cool is starting to gain some momentum. It is with the help of our clients and referrals that we are able to build and deliver a high level of service to all we work with.

With this being said, House of Cool is accepting portfolios for Storyboard Artists. We want to work with the best and brightest on our clients' projects and House of Cool properties. We love creative people who strive for innovation and change. The Story Artist must be able to work on all digital formats.

Please send resumes and sample boards to:
ATTN: Wes Lui
House of Cool Inc.
125 John St.
Toronto, ON
M5V 2E2

Or email me at: wes@houseofcoolstudios.com

Thanks to all who submit.

Wesley Lui
Business Manager

1 comment:

pascal said...

board artists?
Who WOULDN'T want to work with you guys?