Monday, April 17, 2006

Turning the Corner

This is from Roboyo.

The only good thing about hard times is that it can't last forever. Over the last couple of weeks the studio has hit rock bottom. We lost most of our contracts, had to layoff most of our talent, the bank account is almost completely drained and the tax man is knocking. I had to question myself on the viability of this studio. Fortunately my cousin, a successful businessman, assured me that if people are calling you to do work then you ARE a viable business. I re-examined the business and though there is some restucturing that must be done I can see a clearer direction for us. With a little luck and no more major hickups we should be fine.


Anonymous said...

Dear House of Cool,
Don't worry-- if you haven't yet, you should read Walt Disney: The Man Behind the Magic. It's inspirational no matter who you are, and ESP if you're running a studio. And I certainly hate reading as much as the next dude. :)
I love your art and check out the blog all the time.
Best of luck,

S. Stephani Soejono said...

*hugs* the whole HoC crew and MaX

Valentina said...

"...push it!"

Stefano D. said...

Atleast there's a light at the end of the tunnel. As long as you don't lose your positive attitude(s), I'm sure things will work out.
Good luck HoC!

Lee said...

your attitude is a lot like mine, no matter how poor or destitute or hungry or without a home you are you can look into the positive side, at least I'm no tdead, OR at least I can still look for contracts, or in my case a job, and yes after a long time of no work and no money to pay bills/rent/food, I've some work! WOOT so if i can do it you guys can b/c the stuff I've seen from the website/blog is awsome!
no worries,

mauricio salmon said...

well said!