Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Rare Creature Found at HoC

This rare creature was found the other day asleep at HoC. It's believed that the open body position with tilted head back is used to optimize the air ways to allow the creatures core temperature to stay cool. They are usually found in this state at desks, on the couches, and sometimes at the mall. It is not advised to wake one, as it becomes confused and disoriented if disrupted before it has fully recharged the body. Scientists have labeled this mysterious creature as the "Exhuasteduos Newis Fatherus". The meaning derives from the North American phrase "Who knew a kid could be so exhausting".

All jokes aside Wesley Lui really is the man of the house these days, between his newborn baby work and being the ping pong champ we believe he really does deserve a few minuets of peace.

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