Friday, March 15, 2013

The Pong Match!

So I haven't done a proper write up of the events that happened at SPIN last week. To tell you the truth I think the pictures spoke for themselves.

Ann played a great match beating out Nick, or Fan Heart-throb, but when it came down to playing Wes. But even with her 7 straight win streak she just couldn't shake the Asian pong master when it came down to the final hit. Wes then played Myke B, what a game of silent competition. You almost wanted to have Myke scream in glory but unfortunately that would never happen. Wes ended up taking his paddle to the end, when asked what helped him push himself to the final match he told us that with his newborn son there failure wasn't a lesson he wanted to teach his young Ping Pong prodigy.

Our other young Asian Pong Student almost missed the match arriving to it within mere seconds of his forfeit. Such a typical move with these young hot shot players. It gave Greg an uneasy felling, maybe that was the plan, but it didn't seem to work. Greg went on to play his games well and got let off easy when Lubomir bowed out graciously just hours before the game. Giving Greg an easier chance at making it to the end.

In the end and a few pints later the winners were crowned, and the new gladiators of Pong were born.

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