Friday, March 08, 2013

The Game to end all Games

Friday March 08 2013, let it be written that on this day 8 pong gladiators raised their paddles in a fight to the death ........... only one will survive.

Ok well its not that serious but if you knew how these guys were playing you'd think it was. Today at 4pm the HoC fam will be hitting up SPIN on King st for the final showdown, 8 finalists fighting for the top dog spot, who will prevail! Come by and cheer on your favourite player.

 Wes Lui Group A Finalist:

Yeah sure he's the boss in the office but can he hold down a game? With 6 wins and 1 loss in the round robins it sure seems like it. What will happen though under pressure? Hopefully his asian roots will kick in and his natural ping pong talent  will pull him through to the end.

 Ann Bodner Group A Finalist:

Don't let her pretty face fool you, under that smile is a mean streak of competitive nature. Sure she'll sit with you smile and chat, ask about your weekend and listen intently even give advice but in the end she's just sizing you up and finding your weakness. Ann has a 7 straight win for the round robins and I don't think she is looking to loose anytime soon.
Nick Group A Finalist:

With only 4 wins in the round robins we're not really sure what Nick's playing strategy is? Is he throwing the games? Making sure he just meets the standards to get into finals and then POW he'll getcha when you're not looking? Or does he just genuinely play for the love of the game? Either way we think Nick  is a Fan Fav, with that goofy grin and sense of humor whats not to like?

Myke B Group A Finalist:

Some say Myke's quiet demeanor can be unsettling. While being very quiet and soft spoken in the office, we have seen that it doesn't really reflect the way he throws that paddle around. We're told that He doesn't smile at wins and not at losses, and for someone who spells his name with a "y" we think he's got something up his sleeve for tonight.

Greg Court Group B Finalist:

Many say that Greg doesn't like to share, but he's sharing the top spot with Group A finalist Ann Bodner with 8 straight wins in the round robin. Greg was seen today heading to the gym, pre-game workout? Not many players will do that but maybe its some sort of game ritual Greg has going on, he can't afford to have any bad omens on this day.

Daniel Group B Finalist:

Daniel believes that the eyes are the gateway to the soul, so he has decided not to risk letting the world see into his ping pong secrets. With 7 wins out of 8, I guess he has every right to be superstitious.

Ray Group B Finalist:

The young blood, what Ray lacks in experience he makes up for in confidence. Always willing to play a match, this young up-coming player has what it takes to become a legend but will it be tonight? The odds are stacked against him we'll see what this kid can do.

Our fourth finalist of Group B is in the works of being determined with one player backing out, points have to be re-evaluated. Stay tuned for the his/her reveal.

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Perin McLean said...

I'm a veteran at catching pingpong balls with the back of my head. :O