Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Man has been busy!

Allot of people think that Ricardo is the "good looks" of the company. His dashing smile, great hair, and amazing athleticism might sway people into thinking, "what else can this guy do?".

Well here are a few trailers that HoC's amazing talent has been working on, yes that includes Ricardo, I know who'd thought?

Escape from Planet Earth! (2013) - Director Cal Brunker (Cool Dude & HoC veteran), Storyboard Ricardo Curtis (Dashingly Handsome HoC President)

Epic the Movie (2013) - Storyboard Norm Lemay (Blue Sky Studios, but inappropriately hilarious HoC veteran), Warren LiondHeart (Blue Sky Studios, our dutch lion HoC veteran), Ray Xu (Blue Sky Studios, HoC's 2nd most amazin' asian), Myke Bakich (HoC's Original M to the Y ), and of course Ricardo Curtis (HoC's one and only Jamasian!)

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