Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Reggie from Dog Tags.

At HoC I have been looking for ways to use flash to emulate our prefered organic style of designs. I find that most usages of flash is very slick. Not that I have anything against the slick look. Ghostbot does great work in a very clean style. Nelvana has a show called Grossology that we are boarding on that also has a good looking clean style using Toon Boom's Harmony. I'm just hoping to find ways of using flash's power to make organic design and animation easier. I'm also not willing to compromize the quality of animation for speed of production.

So far I've only found a ripping good illustrator/animator, Pascal Campion.
If anyone knows of other good examples of flash used more like rougher classical animation, I would love to hear about it.


R.A. MacNeil said...
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R.A. MacNeil said...
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R.A. MacNeil said...

Spesh K Video

by Copernicus,

Insanely twisted puppet show
by Michel Gagne ,



by Collideascope,

are some of the best Flash I've seen.


Mr. W said...

Sweet way to find some real good talent... The power of instant connections with people.

moocurtis said...

The fact that some artists can manipulate Flash as a tool and it not being obvious in the animation is inspiring. Pascal C is a good example. Not by carrying a 'Flash animation banner', but by showcasing classical animation (in rough stage), that happens to be executed in this program.

Anonymous said...


Chris Graf said...

you guys got a sweet blog here. love the designs throughout.

Anonymous said...

Damn is that an original Cory Wilson drawing

Ron said...

They are many animators who use Flash now purely as a traditional animation tool. Taking the classsical approach they know and love and simply using Flash as a tool to acheive the same look.
Rachel Morrison for exapmle has been animating in Flash for 5 years, treating the software like digtal paper varuois ruff stages with keys, breakdowns and inbetweens, then eventually clean-up and color:
Along with other artists we've produced other shorts where all character and effects animation were done by traditionally trained animators using only Flash to make more organic-looking and classic cartoons for film and television: