Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Career Choices

Another image from Robin. I would love to show everyone some of the more recent stuff we are working on but they are top secret, so you will have to satisfy with our old crap.

I've been talking to a number of artists recently about choices to make in their careers. Do I go to a big studio and learn or to a smaller studio and hopefully to get the opportunity to supervise? Do I sign a long contract for security and more money or move to where the best projects are. I always advise to search yourself and find out what your ultimate goal is.

If your answer is "I want to be the best animator in the industry" or "I want to develop the most beautiful show on the planet", I suggest finding a very secure company like DreamWorks or Nelvana and hone your craft beside the most talented people you can find.

If what you want is "my own studio" or "to direct my script", you must be willing to make sacrifices. It is unlikely that you'll be able to do any of these things within a studio. "But Ricardo, I understand that I can't run my own studio working at another, but I surely have to be in a studio to direct". Well, the reality is that most studios do not promote their own artists to director and the few that do have long lines of very creative people ahead of you to fill the few spots available. Even if you do happen to fight your way into a director's position, it is very likely that you will be developing your project for years waiting for the much wanted 'green light'. My advice to anyone looking to own a studio or direct is save lots of money, make friends with influential people, get a good agent and quit your job.


Andrew Shek said...

thanks for posting these advice columns.....interesting and informative blog

Kevin Dalton said...

thanks a ton for that bit of information, i've been wondering about that aspect of the industry and i needed someone that was in it to reassure me that some of my thoughts were valid.

deb said...

the hardest decision i've had to make was to put my career on hold while i stayed at home being mummy. while it took a few months to get the ball rolling for me again, i don't regret pressing pause while my kids were young.

Ed Bickford said...

WOW! robins stuff is just sick! love the BUMP

Kushal Ruia said...

Hi Ricardo,
Nice blog...Amazing visuals and great content too!


Jarrett said...

Love that one on the branch. Wicked!!!!