Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Breaking Even

House of Cool's own Cal Brunker directed an animated music video currently
airing on Much More Music (The Canadian MTV) and is a runnner up for the
top 10. Please go and cast your vote at:
The song is Rob Szabo - Breaking Even

You can watch the video at the link below, or search Youtube for Breaking

Thanks to everyone who voted, Breaking Even was #10 in the countdown.


sketch-mark said...

Awesome music video! I'm just a humble fan, but way to go on making the music top 10!

orange said...

CONGRATS CAL, on making it to the top 10.

wish u the very best

Cal said...

Thanks so much guys, it was really exciting to be in the Top 10 surrounded by such good company! Thanks to everyone who voted!

Lou Mareno said...

Just Wonderfull Beautiful work all around...All the Best to ya....Lou