Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Movie Day With The Fam

Last Friday the new Blue Sky film "Epic" came out to the big screen. The HoC team had the amazing opportunity to work with Blue Sky on some of the pre-production work for the movie. So naturally we wanted to take everyone out to see the end product! What a film, the kids thoroughly enjoyed it and were not talking about Ric, Wes, Joe, Mike, Myke, Raymod, Lubo, Andre, Mike, and Pepe. The other kids :p
"One Tree Many Leaves"

No Thats not the poster thats Jeff :P He would make a good sidekick to "Mub" though, career change Jeff?

Lubomir Deep into the commercials.

Wes is easily distracted, Ronin is not.

Andre being extremely excited about the movie!


william said...

i love that movie so much. thanks for sharing
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