Friday, August 17, 2012

Reward for information on the Pen Thief!

I know this is the age of technology and now a days computers and keyboards are what we use to drain our brains of thoughts. Weather they be in the form of an angry e-mail to an ex-boyfriend, business deals, dentist appointments, or finding that special someone through an array of PM and POF chats. I think we can all say it is still frustrating when you go to jot something down the ol' fashioned way, and you realize all your pens are gone. All you have left is a pair of scissors, 2 fat sharpies that will definitely bleed into the next 5 post-its, a white out pen...... I guess I could use that but really? , 2 dry erase markers that will do the exact same thing as the sharpies, and a really ol'fashioned orange 1 b pencil with no tip and no sharpener in sight!

I have bought countless boxes and packages of multiple pens, and for some reason I don't have one on this desk! ARGH!!!!

My Goal: To find the House of Cool culprit destroy him/her and regain control of my pen empire!!!!

I'll be posting suspects in a week, I need to do a really thorough investigation, I don't want to miss my chance to catch them, too much heat and I might scare them off. Crap I don't have a pen to take down notes ugh...............white out pen it is I guess?

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