Friday, December 09, 2011

Happy Holiday from House of Cool

Around this time of year, when we send out a new Holiday card, Ricardo and I always look back at Christmas cards from past and can't help but be thankful for what House of Cool has brought us. With so many great individuals we have worked with, the creatives each artists strive for and the "always be better" attitude all of us instill, we appreciate every artists and staff that come through the studio's door.

In thanking for the past, we always catch each other dreaming BIG about the future. There is so much talent in this city and our province. We see so much opportunity and advantages. With our team, we'll strive to always pursue those big dreams and create the best work the industry will be proud of.

Happy Holidays to our industry and our amazing clients.

Ricardo and Wes

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Mike said...

That's a really nice card, and Sentiment. Your studio sounds like a really awesome place to work and grow. I'm sending out Christmas cards this year too, hope you enjoy it.