Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The LeBrons

Hey Folks,

News is out... There's a cool new show coming out over the net called The Lebrons and you guessed it, House of Cool is on it. We're excited to be working with the creative team from Dru Dog Entertainment on the designs and full production on the commercial spots you'll see before each episode.

Thanks too all the crew and the team at Dru Dog - Show's going to look sick!


Mark said...


SACKS said...

I WANT IN!!!!! I'm a huge Lebron fan and animator. How can I join in on this project?

Anonymous said...

One white kid!? That's racism. At least there is one. But why does he look like a nerd/geek.

DrawDoll said...

Awesome!Lubo's designs for this just don't get old!!! I'm glad to finally see it on the web!