Monday, July 14, 2008

Hell of a good movie

Now that's good movie making. I love leaving a movie theater feeling satisfied in every which way. No "if only they had done this", or "it would have been better if they had done that". The Golden Army hit all the right beats. It was thoroughly entertaining from start to finish. Action, Comedy, a splash of Romance. money and time well spent.


Reezo said...

Man what movie did you watch, 'cause if it was the same weak ass sh*t I saw on friday then I suggest you watch it again. Prolly one of the absolute worst films I have ever seen. While I was watching it I hoped someone called in a bomb threat so I would have had an excuse to start a riot and tear up the entire theater for showing that movie, then I would have went home and gouged out my eyes and have a line up of 10 midgets or so with steel toe boots take turns kicking me in the nuts as punishment for wasting money on that. I mean that 13 dollars could have went to something more useful like buying crack...I could go on but I think you get the point.
Shame on you.

Love always,

Reezo said...

Awesome drawing by the way!

Bernard Joaquin said...

Umm I thought some visuals and effects were pretty cool. But the movie as a whole felt broken to me.

Your hellboy drawing is awesome!

andrew said...

nice drawing sahle

Anonymous said...

yeah that movie was creatures and fx but the acting by Selma Blair was terrible...that coupled with the singing, ruined the movie for me.
wicked hell boy drawing...

Andre Barnwell said...

LOL. nice drawing homie. Im not laughing at the pic im laghin at the first comment. I htought the visuals were dope. But i revealed the movie to a fan and a friend of mine and he flipped his lid. Not in a good way.

MANDREWS said...

I think you must have been on drugs or passed out just after the opening credits because HELLBOY2 was NO GOOD. Looked good but so what. anything can look good. If HELLBOY1 was a piece of crap HELLBOY2 was a piece of crap with peanuts.

Every started story line- save the rebelious I hate humans and want payback R.A. Salvatori reject drow elf albino thing- was never paid off. That in its self is a major blunder. I think Del Toro can't tell a story to save his life unless he himself created it from scratch.
you know what that means for the hobbit. yikes.

Nice art on the blog but story sense you have zero. Go watch it again undrugged or awake and you will change your mind.

hey on the other hand thats awesome you dug it. Someone has too.

Mandrews out!