Sunday, April 13, 2008

Andy Knight

This week one of the really great guys in our industry passed away. Andy Knight who runs Red Rover Animation Studio and who is responsible for numerous acts of great art died in Paris.

It really is hard to believe. You take it for granted that I won't be able to walk down the street and exchange a quick hello any more.

I loved Andy's laid back style (even more laid back than my own) and willingness to share. He gave me my first freelance job when I moved back to Canada. HoC will be forever indebted to Andy for giving us our first big contract. Without his belief in us we would probably be out of business.

He will be missed.

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TotalD said...

It's been consuming me for days. The things I wish I had said , the thanks for his help . The last time I saw Andy he called out to me while walking down Melrose in LA . He had sunglasses on and his hair was dark , so I though "Who was this hollywood actor calling me" ? Lol! I hadn't seen him for years and I remember him with this blonde hair. I got it, but I was really embarrassed by the confusion. You are right though, it's weird not knowing that he is there. He was always a breath of fresh air.