Wednesday, August 08, 2007

This is Ian.
This is Ian at 10 am, working hard at being an intern .
He has proven himself to be a hard worker and an even harder drinker!
We would love to have him here forever, but we fear his liver will quit any day now.
In between his runs to the bathroom for prayer lessons, he has shown a strong aptitude for drawing.
He tends to slur his words together a lot so we have no idea what he's saying, but he has a smile on when he does and that's all that matters.
He's living the dream people!!!!


Fabián Fucci said...

It looks like a very nice place to be.

Cooked Art said...


Glad to see that Ian is enjoying it there...

Randeep Katari said...

Nice, very nice...oh Ian, what a shock it is going to be for you to get back to school....for us all.

talk to you on the flip side buddy.

Mick said...

he looks like a rubbish drinker... there's a lot of it about these days... and a good think too. Wee children take heed, do not try this at home, or in a place of work that you are interning at

Kevin Williams said...

I wish my internship had been that cool.

jeffrey said...

he always pulled this kinda stuff in kindergarten too.

but man, he could still draw a mean ninja turtle.


Woah! I need to work there. Keep kicking ass guys.

Samanta Erdini said...

Heyyy aahahaha thi sis your break time? ehehe, Very funny ahaha
a Nice works you have in this blog!!