Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Welcome Back!

2 planes a week for 73 weeks
146,000 kms travelled
1 crazy new hair cut
The Man of the House is back!

After an exciting journey with Blue Sky Studios as Head of Story on the up coming feature Horton Hears A Who we welcome back the Prez of HoC. Look for us to run on all cylinders and create some really cool stuff.

Some pic's of our Welcome back Ricki-C Party


Mr Scribbles said...

Welcome back Ricardo! I missed you when I dropped by Blue Sky last week. Now I know why. :D

moocurtis said...

Welcome Home, Ricky, we survived it!



RICAAAAARDOOOOOOOOO!!! I miss you to fool!! I prefer the Eraser head cut of 99-2000 though. Dude I have to hear about your stint at blue sky and we have to catch up some damn time! We have alot to talk about dude! Welcome back to your home Ricardo! NOW GET TO WORK!

Jay Cee Han said...

You'll be back. I know you will, I can see it in through the crystal ball....
Jeff and me miss you already. I have to buy DS lite to cope with the pain, and more robots.