Friday, February 09, 2007

Balancing Act!

i'm finding it a bit much, balancing my work and my family. not to mention finding time for myself. i love my job and mi familia, but i'm feeling like bruce wayne, leading a double life. storyboards by day. diapers by night. well, we do what we gotta.
anywho....stole some time today for myself to do up my boy luke cage. New Avengers #27 was amazing. check out Lienil Francis Yu's pencils. Oh, gotta run, there goes the daddy signal now. da na na na na na na na Daaaddyyy! pe@ce.

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moocurtis said...

This is a great drawing... I hear you about the balancing act, creativity and parenting involve different parts of the brain. It is so important to have a loving and supportive partner to allow the family to survive the change of hats!