Saturday, December 16, 2006

Look Who's in the House

Well, here I am in the HoC. First off, I wanna thank Ric and Wes for having me, I really appreciate the opportunity. I'm happy to be drawing all the time again, not just doodling to entertain the kids. And now I'm getting paid to do it. HoC is the perfect place for me right now. I'm able to get back into my groove in an upbeat environment, I'm surrounded by inspiration in the form of some good friends and people I admire--Cal, Mike, Normand and Robin--all great guys who are great at what they do. I've already learned a lot in the short time that I've been here and the studios really giving me room to grow as an artist and a professional.
Anyway......enough of the brown-nosing and political niceness. The name's Sahle (pronounced 'Saw-law') and I came to set this Cool House on fire. 2007 will be my year to strike fear and tear a new one into those that doubted this young gun, son/ my artistic skill will kill those that chose to appose my will/ I'll fulfill my destiny/ flawless drawing's my weaponry/ HoC's my new family/ taking over the industry/ we'll have the last laugh as we entertain the masses/ blast past the norm with Cyclops' optic glasses!------ HEY! When do I get my platinum chain with the spinning House of Cool medallion? What!?! No medallions!?! AWWW!!!


norm said...


-Btw, NOOB..., don't ever forget the infamous 'silent d'... in Normand. En francais s'il-vous-plait!

Mr. W said...

We'll get you blingblingin' Welcome to HoC... I know you're gonna love it here.