Wednesday, November 01, 2006

We are Hiring!

Ok, here it is. House of Cool is growing and we need more talent. Everyone who has been asking me how to be a part of HoC, well now is your chance. We are looking for:
-Story Artists
-Layout Artists

Send the good stuff to or send your portfolio to the studio.


J said...

Congrats on the expansion! Things must be happening over there!
It's exciting to hear.
All the best.

chris chua said...

awesome grandma:)

Angelo said...

Pick me ...pick me !!! IoI
Congratulation guys...
You guys deserve the best. It is so refreshing just stepping inside your can smell Art, Miles away and the desire that all you guys have to make good art and in a joyful way.
no kidding ...pick me ...pick me :)

thecombustibleyeti said...

I am very passionate about pursuing a career in the Illustration field...but lack experience.

Are you excepting volunteers?(clean brushes, preparing ETC)

Scott Wright said...

Awesome!!! I'm so happy everythings going well for you guys.

Look forward to hearing more.

Boris Andreev said...

Hello from Vancouver :)
You guys do awesome work!
Best regards.

Skye said...

Congrats, HoC! :D

Anonymous said...

Robin Joseph's sketches are always such a sight for sore eyes... Congratulations for the expansion!
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