Monday, February 27, 2006

In the beginning

When I was in college I had an idea of creating an animation studio. I was going to take the animation world by storm and make edgy one hundred million dollar films for young adults like myself. I thought that the early Disney films were the pinnacle of animation but anime was the future. I thought that Don Bluth was an artistic genius because of The Secret of Nimh and Space Ace but he was a hack because of everything else. I thought that if you make a great film the people will come.

This is what I know now.

No movie studio is going to give anyone one hundred million dollars unless they can be guaranteed to make two hundred million in return. In the current market there aren't enough young adults who will go to an animated feature to cover a one hundred million dollar budget. Styles for animation will always change and evolve but the emotions that people feel when they see movies always stay the same. Don Bluth my not have needed to be a genius because of the talent that surrounded him. Don Bluth may not have been a hack because of the forces that may have been working against his films. After my experience on The Iron Giant I now know that if you make a great film they will not necessarily come. But we are still going to take the animation world by storm.



orange said...

i am still on board..aye aye captain


P.S: hey you should have moderated yourself as MR.Cool

J said...

Awesome Ricardo. All the work here looks phenomenal. You've put together a really crack team.
All the best.

S. Stephani Soejono said...

Well, I don't know what to say. Aside from wishing you the best luck I guess? Nice that you joined the blogspot here Ricardo

Stephani (Kate's Ex- student)

Nick Sung said...

Seems like you guys are heading in the right direction; sounds very exciting. Best of luck Ricardo-


tomm said...

hi ricardo,

seems you guys are very like us mentality wise -
gorgeous work on your site.
the whole indy route is very very tuff and stressful but worth it i hope.
all the best from cartoonsaloon here in ireland!